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Robert Beckwith SAM


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2023 Best Filk Song Future Me


Robert discovered filk at the UK Eastercon in 2019. He had no inkling that he would ever write a song, but the line "Fly me to Mount Doom" popped into his head. He pulled on this line to see if it was attached to anything and discovered yet more lines. At around the same time he discovered the wonder of chords which was a delight after many years spent struggling and failing with sheet music - a door had opened and music was now possible.

His first Worldcon was in Dublin that year, and then DemiSemiQuaver slipped in just before the plague. Filking had begun.

Robert specialises in comic songs about geeky topics, usually mixing the exotic (that's an 'x' there) and mundane in some manner. He plays the ukulele and "strums" the piano and is working on all the aspects of performing or otherwise making music with others. He has won two SAM "silly song" awards and has recorded his first ever instrumental track for a CD (Flüsterbar - Silke Kovār). He finds music an excellent way to grow as a person and couldn't be more delighted that filking exists.

You can find out more about Robert at his website,



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