The Pegasus Awards

Sabine Kinder IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2019 Best Family Song Golden Rule

Sabine Kinder ('Bine, to her friends) got into filking in 1992 when an acquaintance lured her to the first FilkContinental. Since then she has been an enthusiastic filker, writing songs on her favorite themes: her role-playing characters, her LARP-stories and, of course, her family.

Though usually more inclined towards melancholic, heart-touching ballads, she occasionally gets drawn to the funny side of filking, especially when her family (her husband and her three kids) spark her creative mood.

Bine founded the band geBORGt together with her husband Michael and her friends Kristina, Sandra and Jan, (and with the later addition of Sandra's husband, Oliver). She is responsible for most of the songs on the bands' two albums (Wir assimilieren alles in 2003, and Songs from A minor world in 2010).

As part of geBORGt, she helped serve as Guest of Honor to DFDF in 2017. In 2018, she and her husband travelled to FKO as Interfilk guests. She was so inspired by all of this that at the end of 2018 she also joined the ConCom for Intermezzo, the next German Filk Convention in September 2019.

In addition to listening to her wonderful voice (her husband wrote this, obviously...); she also plays the recorder and has lately picked up playing guitar (she adores her 12-string!).



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