The Pegasus Awards

Come to Mordor

Jeff Bohnhoff

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category

Best Adapted Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2015 Best Adapted Song
2009 A Little Bit Rock and Roll


Come to Mordor

Copyright © 2002 by Jeff Bohnhoff
Can be sung to the tune of "Come Together" by the Beatles
Used by permission.

Here come old Ringwraith he come moving up slowly
He got Sauron eyeball he one unholy roller
He got robes down to his knee
Got to find a hobbit he got only one need.

He see no sunlight he got nine-ring lust and he was
King of Angmar now he just a shadow
He say "I smell you, you fear me"
One thing I can tell you is he'll never be free
Come to Mordor right now, with the Ring

He Bag-end hunter he got shriek of terror
He got empty sockets he one Nazgúl blackguard
He got knife down below his knee
Stab you with his dagger you will feel his disease
Come to Mordor right now, with the Ring

He chase Frodo with no early warning
Can't cross muddy water he just curse Isildur
He say "One and one and one (three rings)"
Got to be a Ringwraith cause he's so hard to see
Come to Mordor right now, with the Ring


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