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Clif Flynt

Pegasus Nominations

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1997 Best Filk Song


Copyright ©1977 by Clif Flynt- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the Author

Dream all day. Dream Away.
Dreams of cities and stars.
Dreams of spaceports and Bars.
Dreams of times yet to be.
Dreams you'll never see.
Dream all day. Dream your life away.

But the real world is a harder world.
The real world is cold.
The real world will destroy your dreams
Til you're beaten down and you're old.


1>But our dreams are all that we have worth giving.
2>But our dreams---------------------------------
1>Our dreams are all that make life worth living.
2>----------------------------------oh our dreams.
1>Our dreams fill all of our stories and songs.
2>Our dreams--------------------------------
1>They light the path and they lead us on.
2>----------------------------oh our dreams.
1>Lead us on.
2>Lead us on.

Dream all day Dream away.
All you desire.
Wrapped in a rockets red fire.
The hopes, and the fears and desires.
Trapped by the dreams they inspired.
Dream all day. Dream your life away.

But the real world isn't made of dreams
It's made of flesh and blood.
And castles built on the sands of dreams
Will tumble into the mud.


Dream all day. Dream away.
Enchanted blade at your side.
To battle and glory you ride.
Giving honor to all that is right.
No thought to the men you must fight.
Dream all day. Dream your life away.

But the real world isn't black and white.
It's made in shades of gray.
We stumble down on a shadow path
And we blindly feel for the way.

Finish chorus with furiouso allegro cresendo con pollo


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