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I Am Stardust

Lloyd Landa

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2022 Best Classic Filk Song mp3
2014 Best Classic Filk Song  
2013 Best Classic Filk Song  
2010 Best Classic Filk Song  

I Am Stardust

Copyright © 1999 Martian Trophy Music (SOCAN)- All rights Reserved
Lyric and Music by Lloyd Landa
Used by Permission

I am a creature of light and shadow
Sculpted by the weather
Weathered by the wind
Been around since the dawn of time
Just arrived here yesterday
Much younger than you are right now
Far older than you'll ever be

I'm every mote of dust
In a ray of summer sun
Every shining point of light
In the winter night above
I'm inside the very heart of you
Yet galaxies away
I am stardust, stardust
Looking for a home

I am a drifter of cosmic oceans
Where stars cluster like islands
In darkened voids so deep
Seen newborn planets wreathed in fire
Other worlds wise in their ways
I've watched while old Suns flared their last
Now cinders lost in dreamless sleep

-- Chorus --

Somewhere, somewhere
Lies perfect understanding that I've never found
In someone, in everyone
I seek that tranquil space where I belong

-- Chorus --

I am stardust
Ageless stardust
Boundless stardust
Looking for a home


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