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Magic Carpet

Andrea Dale

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
1995 Best Filk Song

"The song is the story of Aladdin, written from the viewpoint of the Carpet. After all, while Aladdin married a beautiful princess, the carpet got a friend for life." - Andrea Dale

This song appears on Andrea's CD, "A Step Out of Time", available directly from her.

Magic Carpet

Copyright ©1993 by Andrea Dale- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

You woke me from a slumber,10,000 years and more
Stepped on my royal brocade, and tripped on my tassels of gold
I crept up from behind you and when you turned around,
I rolled up by the door, then lay till I was found

Bent halfway in my shyness, a fluttering so coy
With a ripple and a wave, I'll show off like never before
If you are kind to me, your partner I will be
and give you a test ride, you'll fly the skies for free

We can soar, we can glide, from above and below, we can fly
We'll dive with eagles, and sink through the eye of the storm
We'll fly together on the edge of the world

Hold tightly as we sidestep through currents that rise
The bird's eye view of canyons is below your very eyes
I'll stretch and strain my patterns to convince you that it's true,
That we should stay together 'til our lives are through

Chorus (twice)


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