The Pegasus Awards

Mary O'Meara

Poul Anderson and Anne Passovoy

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
1998 Best Adaptation

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
1984 Best Original Filk Song

Mary O'Meara

Lyrics by Poul Anderson, Copyright © by The Trigonier Trust
Music Copyright © by Anne Passovoy
All rights Reserved - Used by Permission

Mary O'Meara, the stars and the dewfall
Have covered your hilltop with light.
The wind in the lilies that blossom around you
Goes bearing your name from the height;
My girl, you are all of the night.

A ship out of shadow bears homeward by starlight,
By stars, and the loom of your hill;
A hand at the brow is uplifted in peering,
Saluting and shaking with chill;
My girl, are you waiting there still?

I'll sing you a song about Mary O'Meara,
With stars like a crown in her hair,
Sing of her memory ranging before me
Wherever the way that I fare,
My joy is to know she is there.

The song shall ride home on the surf of the starlight,
And leap to the shores of the sky,
Take wing on the wind, and the door of lilies,
And Mary O'Meara-ward fly,
And whisper your name where you lie.

So softly you hear it now, Mary O'Meara,
But soon it rings joyful and clear,
And soon, in the shadow and dew on your hilltop,
A star-guided footfall rings near,
My only beloved, I'm here.

Sleep soft one again if you wake in your darkness,
Sleep knowing you are my delight.
As long as the stars wheel the years down the heavens,
As long as the lilies bloom white,
My darling, I kiss you goodnight.


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