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Not Everybody Dies

Erica Neely

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2021 Best Cheery-Ose Song mp3


Not Everybody Dies

Copyright ©1998 by Erica Neely
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

You claim that all I ever write are sad songs,
You claim I kill off people left and right,
And well maybe once or twice
My songs weren't quite sweet and nice
And I wrote of war or demons in the night...

I don't see why everyone defames me,
My reputation's really quite unearned,
So I've sung of stars ungained
And of love that ends in pain,
Still I promise you my lesson I have learned...

Hey, where are you going - I've got just one song more,
And although it's got destruction, terror, fear, and war,
You call it depressing but I know that's just a lie -
It must be cheerful 'cause not everybody dies.

You speak of that poor girl dead in the water,
And a bard who spreads despair along her way,
But you really shouldn't cry -
No one suffers when they die!
So to me they're cheerful songs - what can I say?


You claim that I shouldn't just sing sad songs,
And you stand there with your faces all aghast,
I could make you slit your wrists
If I sang a shopping list,
But I find I go through audiences so fast...


It must be cheerful 'cause not everybody dies!


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