The Pegasus Awards

Pageant Legend (The Morgan le Fay Song)

Katy Dröge-Macdonald and Juliane Honisch

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2018 Best Filk Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2017 Best Filk Song
2015 Best Filk Song
2014 Best Filk Song
2008 Best Filk Song


Pageant Legend

Lyrics: Copyright © Juliane Honisch, March 2007  
Music: Copyright © Kerstin Dröge-Macdonald, March 2007
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

I was born a royal princess, the heiress to a throne
And I would not have had to pull metal from stone.
But your father killed mine, who was the true-born king,
For his greed and his lust, and for no other thing.
And he conquered my sweet mother's marital bed
And did not even wait till her husband was dead.
And your conjuring con-man did the vanishing trick
Staged a 'magical' show for the dumb and the thick.

I'm a witch, I'm a bitch, I'm a woman.
You're a man, you're a king, you're a knight
I'm a working girl and single mother.
Royal slander's not easy to fight.
I am Morgan le Fay
And I was in your way!
So now you are King and insist you are good!
And the sword in your hand should give us food for thought.

You say I seduced you with my wicked art
But you were the one to demand and to start.
You were wanton, lascivious and proud of the day
And now you wish you could just chase me away.
They tell me your justice will help our land.
Where was that -- when you had me hunted and banned?
You ordered the blood of our son to be spilled,
Sent your round table bullies to have a child killed.

I'm a witch, I'm a bitch, I'm a woman,
You're a man, you're a knight, you're a king,
I'm a working girl and single mother
There's no witchcraft involved in this thing.
I am Morgan le Fay
And I am in your way
So now you are King and insist you are wise!
And your image campaign might well win a first prize.

Don't tell me that this is religion
You did ne'er decide even which one
Don't tell me you're working for a greater good
When your way from the start has been swimming in blood.
They tell me a new age is dawning and grand
While I flee from your minions through what once was my land
And for centuries to come I see stakes burning bright
to keep women from freedom, from power, from might.

Cause we're witches, we're bitches, we're women,
You're kings, bloody knights, cruel men
We are working girls and single mothers
And you'll keep us all down if you can.
I am Morgan le Fay
And I was in your way
So now you are King and insist you are brave!
You give swords unto men and turn women 'nto slaves.

For history gets written by those who will win
And no one remembers what really has been.
You installed the legend of Arthur -
From the truth it could not have been farther.
Usurper and trickster and gang of strong men
What a team of unlikely bold heroes you've been!
And I hope your life's short and your death full of pain
And I hope that my realm will not see you again.

I'm no witch, I'm no bitch, I'm a woman,
You're no hero, no saviour, no God,
I'm a working girl and single mother
You're a bastard, a puppet, a fraud,
I am proud, I am free
As you won't let us be!
You are King and one day you'll lie dead on the ground!
But your crooked male vision will still stay around.






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