The Pegasus Awards

Po' Boys

Marty Coady Fabish

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2013 Best Fairytale Song
2006 Best Torch Song
2004 Best Filk Song

Po' Boys

Copyright ©2002 by Martha Coady Fabish, All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

I've got a story to tell you
I've got the real low down:
A pair of fairytale endings you've never heard
The way they're told on the seamier side of town...

That Cinderella sure had a rough time
The girl had nothing to lose
So she packed away her virtue and she placed her faith
In the effects of a pair of high-heeled shoes

The Prince was done for
From the moment she waltzed in
The Prince was done for
He should have known he couldn't win
Po' boy was done for
He didn't know the fix was in
And so he made a golddigger his queen and wife

Red Riding Hood was a sweet young thing
That's what she'd have you believe
But she stalked into that forest with a hustle in mind
And an ace (or two) tucked up her little red sleeve

The Wolf was done for
Li'l Red, she had him in her sights
The Wolf was done for
You know she had him dead to rights
Po' boy was done for
He didn't know that True Love bites
And when it's finished you off, you'll be marked for life

Who'd have thought 'Happily Ever After'
Would be a contradiction in terms?
Who'd have thought that Godmother & Granny
Would be one of our largest law firms?
Who'd have thought that a Prince who was Charming
And a Big Bad would meet the same fate?
Who'd have thought that this fairy tale burg
Would be in a community property state?

Now, Cindy? She got half the kingdom
(And, oh yeah, she kept the castle and the moat)
Li'l Red, she scored a fortune in prime timberland
and, when last seen, she was sportin' a grey fur coat

The boys were done for
They wouldn't listen to my tale
The boys were done for:
The Mark had fallen for The Frail
Po' boys were done for
Now we know why they look so pale:
'Cause when that urge to scratch an itch
Set up a classic 'Hitch & Ditch'
They had their hearts cut out
Without a knife
Po' boys...


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