The Pegasus Awards

Precious Moments

Philip Allcock

Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category
2015 Best Time-Related Song


Precious Moments

Words and Music: 2000 by Philip Allcock- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

This world was once a larger place for people to call home.
Before the days of steamships, before planes or telephones.
When all we had were wooden ships that moved upon the breeze.
And a sailor knew each voyage could last for months or even years.
So bittersweet those homecomings, as loved ones he would greet
For he'd know that all too soon they will be far across the sea.
But his wife looked in his eyes and gently wiped away his tears.
And spoke a simple wisdom to ease those lonely years.

(We should)
Treasure every moment, as each moment comes our way.
Treasure every minute of every hour of every day.
Such times will always be too few and far too long between.
So make the most of every precious moment that we see.
Savour every single laugh, every hug and every smile.
Make a host of memories to last against those miles.
And live each precious moment, as they fly away too fast.
Treasure every moment, and we'll make each precious moment last.

And in that hoped-for future, as we claim the depths of space
Again a larger world our human hearts will have to face.
For science still has its limits, and the universe is vast
And a sailor of the future will know that heartache of the past.
She'll have to say goodbye, before she heads for distant stars
For lightspeed comms are way too slow when light years are so far.
But as she cries within his arms, perhaps she'll hear him say
Those words of gentle wisdom from another time and place.

Chorus: (We must...)

And as I look around me, as I wish this day/(night) would last.
I feel a bond of kinship with that future and that past.
The world is smaller than it was, and smaller than it will.
But the miles they are too many and these moments too few still.
I see the ones I love and know we all too soon must part,
But however far in body we will still be close in heart.
And we know some truths never change - some wisdom's always wise
So listen to those voices as we live our distant lives.

Chorus: (We will...)


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