The Pegasus Awards

Road to Roswell

Lloyd Landa and Karen Linsley

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
1997 Best Filk Song

The Road To Roswell

Copyright © 1996 Martian Trophy Music (SOCAN)- All rights Reserved
Lyric and Music by Karen Linsley and Lloyd Landa
Used by Permission

Out on the desert, the sky goes on forever
The sand a silent witness to mysteries untold
It was my husband’s last desire that I seek this barren wasteland
To spread his mortal ashes, and lay to rest his soul

The desolation mirrored the emptiness inside me
The highway was my refuge when I could endure no more
My headlights caught the road sign: “Fifty miles to Roswell”
I felt driven by a yearning that my heart could not ignore

And as the miles rolled on my sorrow grew deeper than the night
At last I let fall my weary tears
Yet it must have been sweet destiny that was my guiding light
Leading me to seek my answers here
On the Road To Roswell.

I looked toward the heavens to send a prayer skyward
When a strange and eerie glow shimmered brightly in my eyes
I felt my body tremble as my Chrysler floated upward
Lifted by a force that I could not recognize.

As I ascended I saw the outline of a spaceship
I thought I must be dreaming as I was drawn inside
And waiting in the dimness was an otherworldly woman
With silver colored clothing, and striking coal black eyes

And as she stared at me my terror grew deeper that the night
She watched as I let fall my frightened tears
And I feared some evil destiny I could not hope to fight
Was leading me to meet my ending here
On the Road To Roswell 

High above the desert, in this unearthly chamber
A rush of scrambled images ran flooding through my mind
At last came understanding of the tale that she was telling
The reasons why she came here, the truth she hoped to find

Fifty years ago her husband flew a secret mission
From which he and his companions were never to return
Her world denied the knowledge of what unspoken fate befell him
Despite official silence, her haunting questions burned.

And as I read her thoughts my wonder grew deeper than the night
At last I let go of all my fears
Could it be my destiny to be her guiding light
Helping her to find her answers here
On the Road To Roswell

She had started hearing rumors of a distant blue-green planet
From those who knew much more that it was safe for them to say
In a desperate act of love she risked her life to steal this spacecraft
To learn what really happened on this world so far away

So I brought to mind a vision of the story someone told me
Of the alien ship that crashed here so many years ago
At the thought of no survivors I could feel her spirit shattered
By a piercing sense of loss that my own heart had so well known

And as she read my mind her sorrow grew deeper than the night
I watched as she let fall her weary tears
Yet it must have been sweet destiny that was her guiding light
Leading her to seek her answers here
On the Road To Roswell  

I felt no sense of fear as her hand reached out and touched me
The air around us shimmered as our fingers intertwined
And for a while our souls were one, first in grief and then in healing
In a wave of pure emotion that erased the wounds of time

An inner peace engulfed me as we made our final parting
My heart rose like the phoenix from despair to glad rebirth
And I could feel the bond we’d forged was remaining deep within me
As she gently set me free and sent me floating back to earth

And as her ship arose my wonder grew expansive as the night
At last I let fall a joyous tear
Yes it must have been sweet destiny that was our guiding light
Leading us to find our answers here
On the Road To Roswell
The Road To Roswell.


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