The Pegasus Awards

Signy Mallory

Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2005 Best Space Opera Song

Signy Mallory

Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish
Lyric copyright Highflight Arts & Music
Music copyright Leslie Fish, assigned to Random Factors
All Rights Reserved- used by permission

She's captain of the Norway
And a thorn in Union's side,
Protector of Pell station
And a source of grudging pride.

Left the Mazianni
With a price upon her head
And stayed to guard the stations
That the Company left for dead.

They say she doesn't think about
The lives that she has lost;
They say when Norway goes to fight
She doesn't count the cost.

That once she's planed a course,
She never reckons wrong or right;
So why does she stare sleeplessly
Into the dark all night?

Captain Signy Mallory
Has no soul they say;
The captain of the Norway
Has a heart of frozen clay.

And on the bridge of Norway
She throws men's lives like dice;
Captain Signy Mallory,
Her eyes are fire and ice.

They say for Norway's captain
Discipline's an iron whip;
It's worth your life to break her rules
In dock or on the ship.

That no one's safe that's under her command,
But if that's so,
Then why do her troops cheer her
When she passes them below?

They say the captain has no
Crude emotions to control,
Just an iron fist, an iron will
And an iron-banded soul.

They say she shows no mercy
And they say she never can...
So why is Norway refuge
For a burned out Union man?


She's captain of the Norway
And a thorn in Union's side;
The Mazianni fear her,
She's the heart of Norway's pride.

And Stationer or Merchanter,
From Fargone back to Pell,
Know from Mallory or Norway
Would fight demons out of hell.


Captain Signy Mallory,
her eyes are fire and ice.



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