The Pegasus Awards

Strangers No More

Brenda Sutton

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2001 Best Filk Song

"My husband once chided my lyrics as being "difficult to sing along" because I didn't write choruses. I took up the challenge and wrote a song that not only had a chorus, but one with an actual part for every singer, no matter the vocal range or ability. I'm just plain astounded to say that it won the Pegasus Award for Best Song at 2001 Ohio Valley Filk Fest. "- Brenda Sutton

You can visit Brenda's website here. Strangers No More is available on the tape of the same name published by DAG in the late 1980's. Yes, Brenda, it's been that long...

Strangers No More

Copyright 1987 by Brenda Sinclair Sutton- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

Plans are made, pennies pinched,
Time goes creeping by,
Bags and instruments are packed,
Our bosses shake their heads and sigh.
We're going for a weekend,
We'll drive or fly or crawl
To the oddest burgs and ballrooms
Where we answer to the call (of)

One voice singing, one hand strumming,
Slowly building note by note there starts a quiet humming,
Lyrics brush the memory, somebody starts a drone,
The basses fill the bottom in, there sounds a baritone.
Layer upon layer swells with alto and contralto,
The melody enhanced by soaring tenor and soprano.
Strangers no more we sing, and sing, and sing, and sing!
Strangers no more we sing, and sing, and sing, and sing!

She drives a truck, he computes
That one teaches school.
The only rule among us is, "There really are no rules."
Some like ose, some fantasy,
Some science fiction strong.
The one thing that unites us is
Our love of harmony and song (with)


Some folks fit in easily, no matter where they are.
Others stand off from the rest and pin their hopes on stars.
We each spent some time drifting in a crowded world, alone
But now we pack our bags and songs,
And skip off to our monthly home (where)

Strangers no more we sing, and sing, and sing, and sing!
Strangers no more we sing, and sing, and sing, and sing!

Well, it's been too long. How's your life?
A kiss, a hug, a back gets rubbed
By one of every five I see.
You read my shirt. I read your badge.
We sit and trade a song.
I may not know you Friday night,
But we're good friends when Sunday's gone (with)

Chorus twice.


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