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Teenage Popsicle Girl

Bill Roper

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2019 Best Sing-Along Song
2013 Best Classic Filk Song  

Teenage Popsicle Girl

Words and Music: ©1989 Bill Roper- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Teenage Popsicle Girl floating in space,
You looked so much better before you decompressed your face.
The tears you were cryin' are frozen forever more.
I thought you were lyin' when you said you were walkin' out that door.

Teenage Popsicle Girl, now I'm so blue.
I see by your color that you are too.
Yes, I was foolish, but how could I know
You wouldn't wait for the shuttle when I said it was time for you to go?

It was just a teen-age quarrel, a silly lovers' spat.
But then I heard the airlock's hiss, and knew that you weren't coming back.

Teenage Popsicle Girl, I'd bring you inside,
But what would it matter, now that you're freeze-dried?
I'll leave you in orbit, beneath the stars above.
Although you're frigid now, you'll always be my one true love.

Teenage Popsicle Girl,
Teenage Popsicle Girl,
Teenage Popsicle Girl.


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