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Welcome Home

Mark Bernstein

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2019 Best Family Song
2018 Best Song About Community  


Welcome Home

Copyright © by Mark Bernstein
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

Hi, it's good to see you
No, we haven't met
But I've worn the expression I see there on your face
That mix of hope and wonder
And a bit of doubt and fear
That most of us remember from when we first found this place
It's really just a small town
Though it stretches 'round the globe
And the village square's a circle, like the one you're in today
And it's thrilling and it's daunting
As you try to take it in
So I thought that I should stop and smile, and take your hand, and say

Welcome home
Though your face may be new
Welcome home
We've been waiting for you
Take your place and sing your song here
There's no way to do it wrong here
Welcome home; You do belong here
Welcome home, welcome home

Yes, we'd love to hear you
No, that's not a rule
Whether you perform or not will always be your choice
But if you feel the yearning, and don't know where to start
Maybe we can sit with you and help you find your voice
Some write, some sing, some strum or bow
And some can do it all
But all of us are listeners and that's what makes us strong
And if the key's elusive, well,
That will come with time
Just sing for joy, and for yourself, and we'll all sing along


We'll try to keep you safe here
But people make mistakes
Sometimes we may be thoughtless
And leave you sick and sore
We hope that you'll forgive us
And take the risk again
Of letting music draw you in
To sit with us once more

If you're here to listen
And maybe harmonize
We thank you and we value you, for we know what you bring
Community is sharing
Joy shared is multiplied
And even when the mouth is still, the heart and soul can sing
So welcome to our village
Welcome to our town
We hope you'll make new friends and find the things you love to do
And maybe as time passes
You'll find that it's your turn
To offer up an empty chair and say to someone new

Welcome home, welcome home
Welcome home, welcome home


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