The Pegasus Awards

When Giants Walked

Kathy Mar

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
1996 Best Filk Song

When Giants Walked

Words and Music: ©1985 Kathy Mar- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Oh, take me in a dream or real
To that old time the earth once knew
When all the lands alive with legend
Shared a future bright and new
When all the animals were tame
When every creature talked
When giants walked

Before peculiar was a sin
The world was playground for us all
And giants were our gentle friends
Before we took that tragic fall
And light was dripping honey
On the mountains and the shore
But no one speaks of giants anymore


Before peculiar was a sin
When honor-bound was something real
Before all creatures learned to fear
Before we learned to lie and steal
The giants danced in circles
'Round the fires we built to share
And now we cannot find them anywhere


And then peculiar turned to sin
And different meant a friendship's death
And all the rare and special beasts
Stopped in their tracks and held their breath
And when the giants saw this
There was nothing left to say
And that was when the giants went away


Yes, when peculiar turned to sin
They gathered in their giant hands
The different and defenseless fey
The strangest creatures in the lands
And carried them away
Before another day could dawn
And still nobody knows where they have gone


So now peculiar is a sin
And honor is a useless token
Different means a life alone
And love is better left unspoken
Everyone who lives outside
The circle that we`ve chalked
Would love to go to where the giants walked


And if peculiar is a sin
Then mark me with a sinners brand
And if the gods are kind to me
I'll climb into some gentle hand
And leave behind a world so blind
It cannot see my face
And go to where peculiar is a grace



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