The Pegasus Awards

Where the Magic is Real

Paul Kwinn

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category

Best Magic Song


Where the Magic is Real

Copyright © by Paul Kwinn
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

Through all of my life,
I've had one lasting wish
I want to see magic up close
I've read all the stories,
I've played all the games
But I wave my hands and no energy flows
You can be Lancelot,
you can be Aragorn
Me, I'll take Gandalf and Merlin, too
'Cause I want to do impossible things
But this world won't let my dreams
come true

Take me… to where the magic is real
All I want is a world where natural laws
Can be bent by a wizard's will
Is it too much to ask for a big book of spells
And a place they can be fulfilled?
Take me… to where the magic is real

Now some folks have said,
if you look hard enough
There are small magics that you can find
But while I couldn't live
without music and love
That's not quite what I had in mind
And some magic's inside computers
That's why I make my living there
But computers can't yet make real things
Out of nothing but thin air


Imagine the possibilities
When you're wearing the pointy hat
You could mend broken bones,
walk through walls
Talk with your dog and cat
See anywhere and then teleport there
Have a chat with your late Uncle Paul
Make rain go away
when you need a nice day
And the very best part of all…

You could fly…
You could fly…
just you and the sky

Oh I'll forge ahead,
there's good things in life
I'll fly not in clouds but in dreams
And my latest computer manual
Is plenty arcane, it seems
But if I disappear, don't worry for me
After all it's understood
I might have gotten lucky
And found someone who could…




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