The Pegasus Awards

Will Ye Come Back Home? SAM

Mike Richards

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2010 Best Classic Filk Song
2007 Best Song of Home

Will Ye Come Back Home?

Words and music Copyright ©1999 Mike Richards - All Rights Reserved
Inspiration: "Will ye go, laddie, go" and "The Green Hills of Earth"
Used by permission

In this age that once we sang of,
We have learned at last to fly,
We have built our ships of tungsten,
And trailed fire across the sky,
Some have made their lives on Marsport,
Others dwell in Luna Dome,
Restless spirits questing outward:
Will ye come back home?

Will ye come back home,
To the land of your birth?
Will ye pause ere ye roam,
And remember ancient Earth?
Will ye come back home?

For the promise of the future,
Once more the trumpets played,
Rousing Man again to battle,
Upon the High Crusade,
Their foe not man but nature,
Their armour steel and chrome,
But not a one looked backward:
Will ye come back home?

For your mother now lies quiet,
Where once her children played,
There is peace throughout the mountains,
And in every forest glade,
But the Earth does not forget us,
And she's been so long alone,
She awaits news of her children:
Will ye come back home?


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