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2020 Best Performer
2019 Best Performer

The Blibbering Humdingers are the wizard rock / filk musical duo of Kirsten and Scott Vaughan. They began performing together in 1992 in the SCA, where they are known as Aénor d'Anjou and Efenwealt Wystle. With the release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows in 2007, and upon encountering bands like Draco & the Malfoys, The Mudbloods, and The Moaning Myrtles they decided to form their own wizard rock act. They mostly perform at at Harry Potter, Filk and SciFi/Fantasy conventions along the east coast but also do libraries, bars and private parties - and more recently have been streaming online shows from home.

When not out conquering the galaxy with her army of robotic wallabies, Kirsten creates steampunk/medieval/fantasy accessories for her online store, And in order to protect his secret past as a renegade architect, Scott pretends to manage communications campaigns for clinical research studies at a small advertising/creative services agency. Their pal Chuck Parker often joins them on bass. He claims to be a mild-mannered government IT contracts coordinator, but we suspect he's really a super spy.

More recently their sons Aiden and Liam have been joining them for the occasional live gig and for online shows. Aiden plays drums and Liam plays keyboards and pretty much anything else that might be needed.

More about them at or on Facebook.

YouTube Channel: Blibbering Humdingers
Kiss in the Rain video: Kiss in the Rain

Representative Work for the 2020 Pegasus Awards

Kiss in the Rain (Kowalski's Song) (mp3)

Lyrics Copyright © Kirsten Vaughan
Music Copyright © Scott & Liam Vaughan
All rights Reserved - Used by permission

I don't know what's wrong, I'm feeling uncertain
I'm standing here confounded in the rain
I know I forgot what I should remember
Feeling strange but everything's the same
—these visions fill my sleeping hours
There's something hiding just outside of reach.
Making beasts from sugar paste and flour
Dreaming of an angel dressed in peach.

Fantastic beasts where do I find them.
Mem'ries circle round like a refrain
Are they imagined or remembered?
Dreaming of a kiss in the rain
Still Dreaming of a kiss in the rain
Kiss in the rain

My everyday life inspired by magic
Keeps me cheerful, settled in this place
I dream all the day impossible stories
Rosy cheeks, bright eyes, angelic face
Strange creatures only I imagine
I make them out of cookie dough and bread
Fanciful, fantastic forms are fashioned
From visions floating round inside my head


Instrumental Bridge

Everything's fine and business is booming
My tasty treats bring happy smiles to all
Deep down in my soul there's still Something missing
Through Winter Spring, all Summer time and Fall
I raise my gaze up to the doorway
And magic blooms between her eyes and mine
Now I can see what once was hazy
Images are clearer in my mind

Final Chorus:
Fantastic beasts I won't forget them
Magic lives around me once again
I know they're real, and not imagined
Dreaming of that kiss in the rain
Remembering that kiss in the rain
Remembering that kiss in the rain
Kiss in the rain



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