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Year Category
2014 Best Performer
2011 Best Performer
2010 Best Performer

Toyboat is a filk band from the Chicago area. Its members are Daniel Gunderson, Jason Neerenberg, Mike Nixon, David Stowell, and Cathy McManamon.

Think ZZ Top, Deep Purple, AC-DC, and science fiction, and you have Toyboat. They play a combination of classic filk songs in their own unique style as well as classic rock songs and their own demented writing. Some of their songs are serious, some are funny, some are just odd. They have brought their show to conventions all over North America. They have made ears ring on stages, in meetings rooms, and at room parties. Individually, the members of the band have played at conventions, filk circles, coffee houses, clubs and basements all over the US. There is no safe minimum distance. Do not panic, do not try to run. Just repeat after me ... Toyboat ... Toyboat ... Toyboat.

(Eric Coleman is a prior member, who left the band in 2012- Ed.)

Representative Work for the 2014 Pegasus Awards.

The 2014 Representative piece for Toyboat's Best Performer nomination is Zombie Mama from their album Toyboat.


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