The Pegasus Awards

2011 Nominees



Best Filk Song
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Joan Heather Dale / Ben Deschamps
Paper Worlds Talis Kimberley
Somebody Will Ada Palmer
Wicked Girls Seanan McGuire
Best Classic Filk Song
Gone Filkin' Tom Jeffers
Little Fuzzy Animals Frank Hayes
Nessie Come Up Dr. Jane Robinson
The Phoenix Julia Ecklar
Storm Dancing Tom Smith
Best Performer
Amy McNally
Playing Rapunzel
Stone Dragons
Tricky Pixie
Best Writer/Composer
Barry Childs-Helton
Dr. Mary Crowell
Phil Mills
Ben Newman
S. J. Tucker
Best Badass Song
Crispy Danish Andrew Ross
Evil Eyeball Sibylle Machat
Evil Laugh Seanan McGuire
My Brother, My Enemy Ada Palmer
Tough Titty Cupcakes Betsy Tinney
Best Romantic Song
As I Am Heather Dale
One Small Boat Marilisa Valtazanou
Rain On Berlin Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Starlight & Saxophone Tom Smith
Too Many Years Bill Roper


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