The Pegasus Awards

S.J. Tucker


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2017 Best Classic Filk Song Betsy Tinney / Cade Tinney Alligator in the House

Best Filk Song

  Cheshire Kitten
2011 Best Writer/Composer    
2010 Best Performer    

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2012 Best Gaming Song   Playing D&D
2011 Best Performer Tricky Pixie
2009 Best Performer    

SJ Tucker, called "Sooj" by her friends, is very grateful to be nominated for the Pegasus Awards this year. She considers it a privilege to be so warmly and thoroughly welcomed into the filk community.

Currently living a nomad's life on the road, Sooj tours the US and Canada full-time as a solo singer/songwriter and as a member of several bands, including Skinny White Chick, Tricky Pixie, the
Traveling Fates, and the Heather Dale band. She is also largely responsible for founding the Lost Girls Pirate Academy.

She was guest of honor at Arisia, Consonance, Confusion, WindyCon and MEWCon in 2010, at MuseCon, PhilCon, WorldCon and RadCon (with Tricky Pixie) and ConBust in 2011, and UtopiaCon and Boskone 2012. She was very happy to find out at WorldCon 2011 that Dr. Demento likes Tricky Pixie's music.

And to think that it wasn't that long ago when it all started... when Heather Alexander asked Sooj: "Do you need a fiddle player?"

All of SJ Tucker's music is available for online listening and download at



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