The Pegasus Awards

2012 Nominees




Best Filk Song
Cheshire Kitten S. J. Tucker
My Story Is Not Done Seanan McGuire
One Small Boat Marilisa Valtazanou
Paper Worlds Talis Kimberley
Somebody Will Ada Palmer
Best Classic Filk Song
Chess Juanita Coulson
Gone Filkin' Tom Jeffers
Little Fuzzy Animals Frank Hayes
Spiral Dance Dr. Anne Prather
Tiberius Rising Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Best Performer
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Play It With Moxie
Betsy Tinney
Wild Mercy
Best Writer/Composer
Juanita Coulson
Dr. Mary Crowell
W. Randy Hoffman
Ben Newman
Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Best Gaming Song
Die Puppen (The Dolls) Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Divine Irregularity Tom Smith
I Put My Low Stat Dr. Mary Crowell
Playing D&D S. J. Tucker
Secrets (The Rogue's Song) Scott Snyder
Best Travel Song
Droozlin' Through the Cosmos Ariel Cinii
Fellowship Going South Leslie Fish
Green Mars Tom Jeffers
No Hurry Michelle Dockrey
Windward Passage Michael Longcor


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