The Pegasus Awards

Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor, DI


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2003 Best Filk Song Shooting Star
1996 Best Eerie Song Monster In My Head
1995 Best Performer  
1995 Best Military Song When Tenskwatawa Sings
1993 Best Humorous Song Rhinotillexomania
1992 Best Performer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category


2012 Best Travel Song   Windward Passage
2009 A Little Bit Country   Truck Driving Vampire
2004 Best Tribute   Dangerous Heroes
1999 Best Hero Song   Dangerous Heroes
1998 Best Adaptation w/ Rudyard Kipling Smuggler's Song
1993 Best Filk Song   When Tenskwatawa Sings
1992 Best Filk Song   When Tenskwatawa Sings
1988 Best Historical Song w/ Martha Keller Quest (Grugan of the Regulars)

MICHAEL LONGCOR has written and performed music airing on regional radio across the U.S. and Europe.  Several of his songs have won regional songwriting competitions and have been recorded by other performers. He has five past Pegasus Awards, including one for Best Performer.

“I try to tell stories about the folks in the trenches,” he says, “the everyday heroes, as well as the legends.  Of course, I also write stuff that deals with the humor of life, and just like life, the humor in my songs is sometimes a little strange.”

That strange sense of humor has resulted in appearances on the nationally syndicated radio show, Doctor Demento and two live performances with the Good DoctorMichael has also appeared as a guest on National Public Radio’s “Folksong Festival,” hosted by Oscar Brand, and most recently on  “Acoustic Blend,” produced by local NPR affiliate WBAA.  He is also active with the Songwriters Association of Mid-North Indiana, based in Lafayette.

Michael has released a total of 13 CDs through Firebird Music (based in Portland, Oregon) and Dodeka Records (based in Chicago).  Michael’s fourteenth CD, “Walking the Wilderness,” was released under his own Buccaneer Publishing label last year, featuring an eclectic selection of his own work.  The songs deal with topics ranging from astronauts to motorcycles to girl-watching to Civil War veterans, pirates and love (but not all in the same song). 



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