The Pegasus Awards

1999 Nominees

Best Filk Song
The Dark Man Paul Kwinn
The Lady Jodi Krangle
Sam's Song Soren and Zander Nyrond
Velvet Talis Kimberley
The Word of God Cat Faber
Best Performer
Decadent Dave Clement
Talis Kimberley
Ookla The Mok
Mary Ellen Wessels
Best Writer/Composer
Judith Hayman
Talis Kimberley
Paul Kwinn
Lloyd Landa and Karen Linsley
Cynthia McQuillin
Best Hero Song
Dangerous Heroes Michael Longcor
Das Uber Tuber Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Horsetamer's Daughter Leslie Fish
Some Kind of Hero Leslie Fish and Mercedes Lackey
A Toast for Unknown Heroes Leslie Fish
Best Fool Song
Don't Push That Button Duane Elms
Drivel Dr. Jane Robinson
Fool to Feed the Drive Jordin Kare and Cynthia McQuillin
Never Set the Cat on Fire Frank Hayes
Operation: Desert Storm Tom Smith


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