The Pegasus Awards

Decadent Dave Clement HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
2003 Best Performer w/ Dandelion Wine
1999 Best Performer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2020 Best Space Song Tom Jeffers The Face on Mars
2016 Best Exploration Song Tom Jeffers The Face on Mars
1998 Best Performer w/ Dandelion Wine  
1997 Best Performer w/ Dandelion Wine  
1996 Best Performer    
1995 Best Performer    

"Decadent" Dave Clement grew up playing country music and switched to folk music while at university. An opportunity to become a computer professional saw him move from Southern Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba in 1966, so he put away his guitar and left performing behind. He discovered SF/F fandom in 1984 and thanks to some fannish musicians, "came out of musical retirement." He has since retired from his computer career but will never again retire from music.

His warm, strong, clear voice is one of the most distinctive in the filk community. Few singers involve an audience as completely in their music as Dave does; he is an engaging performer on stage and in filk circles. His repertoire includes many a song guaranteed to get the entire circle joining in on choruses, harmonies, and other instruments. He plays guitar with a recognizable strong rhythm, and plays dumbek, bodhran, cittern, and pennywhistle as well.

Dave has been an ambassador for the uniqueness of Canadian filk in countless filk circles, concerts, and Guest of Honour spots, especially in his promotion of songwriters such as Stan Rogers and Sam Baardman. He rarely gives a truly solo concert, almost always inviting other people in attendance at the function to perform on stage with him.

Dave has had five albums released over the years, the most recent being The Face on Mars together with Tom Jeffers, the other half of the duo Dandelion Wine.

Dave always has a kind word at the ready and his encouragement has helped many newer filkers to give performing a try. He loves to accompany others and encourage the world to sing.


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