The Pegasus Awards

Tom Jeffers IF HoF SAM


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2019 Best Sing-Along Song Gone Filkin'
2003 Best Performer w/ Dandelion Wine

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2020 Best Space Song Dave Clement The Face on Mars
2018 Best Song About Community   Gone Filkin'
2018 Best Performer Stone Dragons  
2016 Best Exploration Song Dave Clement The Face on Mars
2014 Best Performer Stone Dragons  
2012 Best Classic Filk Song   Gone Filkin'
2012 Best Travel Song   Green Mars
2011 Best Classic Filk Song   Gone Filkin'
2011 Best Performer Stone Dragons  
2008 Best Classic Filk Song   Gone Filkin'
1998 Best Performer Dandelion Wine  
1997 Best Performer Dandelion Wine  
1996 Best Filk Song   Gone Filkin'

Tom Jeffers has been filking for over a quarter of a century, primarily as the cute one of the group Dandelion Wine, but now he is half of the duo Stone Dragons with his wife Sue.  Tom can be heard on many filk CDs, including those of Phil Mills, Bill Roper, Amy McNally, Urban Tapestry and Erica Neely. He is currently working on the Stone Dragons debut CD, due to be released at OVFF this year. Tom is also a member of the Filk Hall of Fame.

Tom has a rather large collection of instruments, including 6, 8, 12, 18 and 19 string guitars, citterns, a mandolin, two accordions, dulcimer, banjo, loude, harmonicas, whistles, various drums and of course a kazoo. Now he wants a hurdy gurdy.

He's a really nice guy, who loves to listen to others, and help support those around him. Tom is delighted to be nominated for a Pegasus Award.


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