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The Dark Man

Paul Kwinn

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2023 Best Classic Filk Song mp3
2019 Best Classic Filk Song
2017 Best Horror Song  
2002 Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling  
1999 Best Filk Song  
1997 Best Filk Song  

The Dark Man was composed on an airplane, coming home from my first ConFusion, in 1995. It was supposed to be the verse for a cheery little chorus that had been in my head for months, but the song had ideas of its own. As to the song's actual subject matter, I'm afraid I'm going to pull a Carly Simon (who, as I understand it, has never revealed who she based the song You're So Vain on). I've heard back such a broad range of interpretations of what my song's about that it makes me feel as though the song strikes something primal in people. And I'm reluctant to squelch all that imagination by stamping my own reading on it. - Paul Kwinn

The Dark Man

Copyright ©1995 by Paul Kwinn
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

verse 1:
Well the dark man has come to scare you, my girl
You can't say whether he comes from this world
So you tell yourself that he's just a smoke swirl
But that only works for a while...

verse 2:
For he's made of things too deep and too wild
And you can't turn him back with the mind of a child
You're sure his intentions are ugly and vile
Though you don't know just what they are

verse 3:
Does he come from your past, does he come from your mind?
Or some other place that you'd rather not find
If they think that you're nuts, are they right or just blind?
And who can tell you the truth?

verse 4:
The questions, the fear, the damage and dreams
The strange little sounds you make when you can't scream
The best parts of life aren't worth this, it might seem
But don't you just have to know?

[repeat verses 1 thru 4, with oo's, ah's, and countermelody {below}]

1st Counter-Melody:
[over verse 3, 2nd pass:]
The dark man comes, he knows your fear
He'll use it.
He'll chase you to the place you dread
And doubt

[over verse 4, 2nd pass:]
He needs your fear, he can't afford
To lose it.
But there's no sign he'll have to do

2nd Counter-Melody (written by Alisa, 2/98):
[over verse 3, 2nd pass:]
Can you feel him
there behind you?
Drawing closer,
almost here.

[over verse 4, 2nd pass:]
Knowing there's no
Will you fight his

verse 5:
So you wonder and search and you dream and you talk
You look for the key that might someday unlock
All the answers you need while there's time on the clock
And you hope you survive til you know...


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