The Pegasus Awards

Dr. Anne Prather


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2023 Best Science Song Spiral Dance
2012 Best Classic Filk Song Spiral Dance
2009 Best Classic Filk Song Spiral Dance

Anne Harlan Prather, alter ego of Aislinn the Bard, received her PhD in Botany from the University of Washington in August, 2009. Her other accomplishments include writing 250,000 words between July and November of 2008 that were NOT revisions of her dissertation. She exhibits her art at local conventions and galleries. Aislinn has written over 100 filks on subjects ranging from macroeconomics to starships to social issues such as homelessness and has released six recordings and is working on a seventh. Anne is the author of two books: Mystic Intersections (an artist's retrospective) and Wings of Joy, a book of short stories in her Starmasters universe. She lives in Seattle.

Most of her music can be played at


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