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Spiral Dance

Dr. Anne Prather

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2023 Best Science Song
2012 Best Classic Filk Song
2009 Best Classic Filk Song

Note--the word Lord is in all caps, with a full-size capital L to denote the idea of relationship with God, as is the Biblical convention. Some people who cover it sing "heart's delight" in place of the original, because I wanted folks whose religious belief didn't necessarily match mine to feel free to sing the song without having to acknowledge something they didn't believe in. - Anne Prather

Spiral Dance

Copyright ©1993 Anne Harlan Prather- All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

When I was young, I used to wonder--didn't you?
Why some folks have brown eyes, and others blue
How a father leaves his mark upon his son
Why a mother's child is still her child when all is done?
And it made me want to learn the music to
The song that weaves the generations through.

Oh, see the spiral dance in paths of crystal light
It's the figure-dance of new life, and the LORD'S delight
It's the pattern that transforms the old to new
The song that weaves the generations through.

What makes a rose a rose and not a daffodil
What bends the protein's latice to the enzyme's will
What intricacy weaves the fragile bond
That sends us sailing to the stars and then beyond?
The question always brings me, running, to
The song that weaves the generations through.


Is it arrogance or mystery to join the dance
To pay your money, mark the sequence, take the chance
To play at prophecy with trembling hands
To read the words in the code of life, and its commands?
May gentleness and grace guide all I do
With the song that weaves the generations through

Repeat CHORUS twice.



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