The Pegasus Awards

Secrets (The Rogue's Song)lil' sam

Scott Snyder

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2012 Best Gaming Song


Words and Music Copyright 2000 © by W. Scott Snyder- All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

I have a shady background but the shadows suit me fine
When you specialize in secrets, the shadows are divine
The party doesn't trust me, and frankly I don't care
They need my skill with secrets, and if they're nice maybe I'll share

Secret locks and secret doors
Secret pits beneath the floors
I move within the shadows silently
I climb the walls, I hear the noise
I'll rob you blind and maintain my poise
You'd better never turn your back on me

The priest he thinks I'm evil, I'll let him think it so
I appreciate his healing but the preaching has to go
I won't say he's deluded, to each man his own way
But I'm tired of being on watch so he can rest and sleep and pray!


The warrior is all right, we leave each other be
He's a good man to have in a fight, hey - better him than me
But I see him looking at me, while he's sharpening his sword
Wondering if I've ripped him off, but he'll never find my hoard!


The wizard he is worthless, he's still wet behind the ears
He only knows a single spell, he jumps at everything he hears
But I do my best to help him, and keep him out of harm
For in a few more levels, I'll have a powerful right arm!




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