The Pegasus Awards

Seanan McGuire IF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2017 Best Horror Song Dear Gina
2015 Best Filk Song My Story Is Not Done
2011 Best Filk Song Wicked Girls
2011 Most Badass Song Evil Laugh
2010 Best Mad Science Song What A Woman's For
2008 Best Writer/Composer  
2007 Best Performer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2021 Best Mad Science Song   Maybe It's Crazy
2021 Best Cheery-Ose Song w/ Erin Bellavia & Merav Hoffman Dear Seanan
2012 Best Filk Song   My Story Is Not Done
2008 Best Tragedy Song   The Black Death
2006 Best Writer/Composer    
2006 Best Torch Song   Maybe It's Crazy
2005 Best Writer/Composer    
Seanan McGuire is geographically unpredictable, although she maintains a residence in Northern California, largely because she needs a place to store the cats. Depending on the time of year and the phase of the moon, she can be found in New York, Washington, Ohio, and a haunted corn maze outside Huntsville, Alabama.

Seanan began writing formally structured poetry at the age of six, and songs shortly after that; all efforts to make her stop have thus far failed. Her body of work spans a huge range of subjects and genres, from comic horror to serious mythology, and she periodically threatens to run off and become a country music star just to have something else to do with her time. Her first album was released in 2006 (Pretty Little Dead Girl), followed by Stars Fall Home in 2007, Red Roses and Dead Things in 2009, and Wicked Girls in 2011. Seanan is one of the founding members of Lady Mondegreen, and remains quite pleased by this fact.

When not filking, Seanan spends her time working on various novels, both as herself and as her own evil twin, Mira Grant; she won the 2010 Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and has been nominated for the Hugo Award more than a dozen times (she's won twice, for fancasting). When not filking or writing, she's generally illustrating something, planning a trip, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or lecturing her cats. She collects Disney pins and Monster High dolls, and is rarely seen without a Diet Dr Pepper.

It is widely believed that Seanan has far too much energy for her own good. It is also widely believed that she does not sleep.

This is almost certainly true.





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