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Play It With Moxie


Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2016 Best Performer

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2013 Best Performer
2012 Best Performer
2010 Best Performer

Play it with Moxie performs ballroom banquet music in the glorious tradition of the early 20th century. Their style includes swing, Latin, ballads, vocal harmonies (and a horn section!), all delivered with class… with style… with Moxie.

Current members of the band are:
Mary Crowell
Carly Gibson
Jodi Krangle
Derek Lee
Amy McNally
George Powell
Teresa Powell
Brian Richardson
Dave Rood

Past members of the band have been:
Andrew Powell

Representative Work for the 2016 Best Performer Pegasus Award

Pomegranate Tango

Copyright © 2006 by Mary Crowell
Used by permission.

You're such a Devil! You whisked me away,
I, picking flowers, the Maiden at play.
Nobody saw you, and Nobody spoke.
I miss my Mother whose poor heart you broke.

I sat beside you and looked at the fruit,
Considered my options, examined your suit.
Addictive it was; yes, the first one was free.
I need the juice; Darling, you own the tree. 'Cause

I ate the pomegranate.
I hate you. I can't stand it!
Now I can't leave you alone.
(I'm) Ceding control to you and
Needing the scarlet juice. You've
Taught me things I've never known.

Hades! Such a way with the
Ladies. How you hate the way
They tease! Then they always say "No."
Falling for your ruse is ap-
-Palling -- no excuse for my
Crawling. But I do love it so.

I thought to taste just a few of the seeds.
('Thought) no one was watching to witness my deeds.
I was so wrong; now the case is, My Dear.
I have to stay 'til the spring of each year.

Why did you have to choose me,
Frighten me and confuse me?
I was naive, I can't believe, how you deceived!

But . . .

Lured by a flower I couldn't resist.
Pity the girl who had never been kissed!
'Tasted the fruit, yeah. My lips are stained red.
Who am I now, but the Queen of the Dead.
Who am I now, but the Queen of the Dead.
Who am I now, but the [Very Jesus Christ Superstar moment here] Queen of the Queen of the Queen of the Dead.
I ate the pomegranate. Now I can't leave you alone.


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