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2012 Best Travel Song Droozlin' Through the Cosmos
ARIEL CINII {it's pronounced "SIN-eye", but she'll answer to "Abby"} has been part of fandom for over 35 years as a filksinger, artist and apa-hack. She's a Native New Yorker, and is on committee for CONTATA, New York's version of The Floating Northeast Filk Con. She also writes as Sodyera on LiveJournal, and contributes to APA-NYU (Are there still APAs out there? This one exists online and continues in print). Her novella, "The Family Forge" has been serialized online at and is available from, as shall its sister stories of the novel "The Touching Lands Dance", all based on the language and history of her past-life homeworld. Some describe her as a science-fiction fan, others call her a science-fiction character. Or maybe just a character. She loves automobiles, TV trivia, commercials, languages, S.F. and weird, esoteric music that often doesn't even have words.


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