The Pegasus Awards

Ben Deschamps



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
2013 Best Filk Song Heather Dale Joan
2009 Best Performer Heather Dale  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Collaboration Category
2011 w/ Heather Dale Best Filk Song Joan

Ben Deschamps has had enough random jobs that he would ordinarily only qualify for a career as an SF writer. Oddly enough, despite a potentially lucrative academic background in Classics and Middle English Philology, he's turned his back on this career (highlights include farming, teaching, construction, night shifts at Mac's Milk and gravedigging) - his last day of "real" work being more than five years ago - and has become a full-time musician. A lifelong SF fan, he has moved through musical genres like he has moved through jobs, and has played space rock, folk, Celtic, jazz, bluegrass, punk and the screamingest of screaming heavy metal, on a variety of instruments and continents.

He has toured with Heather Dale throughout Europe and North America and has recorded and co-produced several albums with her.

Whenever they are not touring (this is not often) he hides in his log cabin in the Ottawa Valley with his 24-track recording studio, dozens of instruments, and a large collection of splitting axes; urban luxuries such as central heating being largely unknown in his neck of the woods.





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