The Pegasus Awards

Annie Walker IF SAM



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2009 A Little Bit Rock and Roll Tim Walker Howl at the Moon
2009 Best Performer Tim Walker  
2003 Best Parody Tim Walker, Mike and Anne Whitaker Bang Today
2002 Best Performer Phoenix  
2001 Best Performer Phoenix  

Annie Walker’s early musical career was somewhat hampered by being told that she wasn’t musical at the age of 14 (it’s a tragic tale that involves hyperventilation and a clarinet). She carried on singing, but tended to do so in private, so as not to inflict it on other people. It wasn’t until Tim informed her that she could, indeed, carry a tune without the aid of a bucket, that she was willing to sing in public again. By this time, she had started to play the flute and guitar, soon adding harp and bagpipes to the mix. It was really only a matter of time before both she and Tim started jamming together in the kitchen whilst the dinner cooked, and the leap from there to full-blown songwriting was quite a small one.

Having been willingly dragooned into her first FilkCon (“What’s filk?” she was heard to utter after buying her first membership...), she joined Brit FilkRock band Phoenix as a lead singer and promptly spent the next ten years splitting her filk time between wearing lycra, backcombing her hair and belting out Abba parodies and songwriting, and performing as part of the filk duo, Wilderwood with her husband Tim. She and Tim have produced two albums of original material (Dreams Incarnate and Dancing Through the Past )and are currently planning their third.

Annie is particularly fond of helping other people to free their voices and enjoy their own musicality, regardless of what they might have been told whilst younger!


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