The Pegasus Awards

Tim Walker IF SAM



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2009 A Little Bit Rock and Roll Annie Walker Howl at the Moon
2009 Best Performer Annie Walker  
2003 Best Parody Annie Walker, Mike and Anne Whitaker Bang Today
2002 Best Performer Phoenix  
2001 Best Performer Phoenix  

Tim Walker has been playing music since he was eight, starting with cornet and trumpet, but adding drums, bass and guitar as he progressed through his teens. By the time he left university, he was playing in a jazz orchestra and an Atlantic Soul band. As time progressed, Tim added a love of folk music to his (by now rather considerable) list of musical tastes and the scene was set for his headlong addiction to filk.

After a rather rapid introduction to filk (sold a filkcon membership without knowing what filk was and being drafted into Brit RockFilk band, Phoenix as a bass player, vocalist and percussionist immediately afterwards), he has settled comfortably into his role as guitar tutor to the masses, stunt accompanist and performer. He is most often to be found behind a guitar or percussion rig at the moment, but is also the possessor of a fine baritone voice, which his wife thinks he should air more often.

He has acted as a session musician on filk recordings by Tom Nanson, Erica Neely, Mich Sampson and Talis Kimberley amongst others, as well as producing two albums of original material as part of Wilderwood with his wife Annie.

He loves to play WITH people, rather than TO them, and if that requires him to lend them an instrument and teach them how to play it – all the better.


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