The Pegasus Awards

Bob Kanefsky HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2016 Best Adapted Song Six Transit Genitalia Centauri
2000 Best Writer/Composer  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2023 Best Adapted Song Grill Fire
2022 Best Furry Friend Song Nobody's Moggy Lands
2007 Best Writer/Composer  
1998 Best Writer/Composer  
1997 Best Writer/Composer  
1996 Best Writer/Composer  
1995 Best Writer/Composer  
1994 Best Risque Song Kinsey Scale
1994 Best Writer/Composer  
1990 Best Fannish Song Singing Banned From Argo


Bob Kanefsky has parodied hundreds of original filk songs and dozens of folk and pop songs, and takes special delight in parodying two or more at once. To find his lyrics, go to and click on the Search link in the staves. The Roundworm CD and out-of-print Tapeworm series feature some of his victims singing Kanef's parodies of their own songs. The site and albums are named after his muse, which appeared to him one day in a song (a parody of Songbird by Kathy Mar), and he's been raising a colony of red-worms for about a quarter of a century in its honor.

In his mundane day job, which is neither, Kanef works at one of NASA's three centers in California, where he writes planning-and-scheduling software that is used for Mars rovers, and by pretend astronauts pretending to voyage to an asteroid (HERA, a psychological experiment to determine if Millennials can survive locked up for a month without no Internet), and by real astronauts pretending to explore to Mars when they're really safe here on Earth at the bottom of the ocean (NEEMO). It's also being tested by astronauts in the immediate vicinity of Earth (ISS). He credits Minus Ten and Counting for inspiring him to stop waiting for a job in a future space colony and take a job contributing to the present-day steps toward exploring space.

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