The Pegasus Awards

Chris Conway SAM



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2022 Best Song That Tells A Story Alien Jellyfish Song
2018 Best Roadtrip Song Alien Jellyfish Song
2017 Best Performer  
2013 Best Alien Song Alien Jellyfish Song
2008 Best Comedy Song Alien Salad Abduction
2006 Best Performer  
2006 Best Writer/Composer  
2004 Best Writer/Composer  
2004 Best Performer  
2003 Best Writer/Composer  
2003 Best Original Humorous Song Alien Salad Abduction

Chris Conway, or "Christo" as he's known in filk -  is a US born filker in the UK who came to his first filk convention in 2000. He has been Guest of Hono(u)r at Consonance, Confluence, FilkOntario, The UK Filk Con, DFDF, and played at GaFilk. He has won 5 Sam Awards at UK Filk Cons and been nominated for several Pegasus Awards. He has been a professional musician for 28 years and has played with ex-Monkees Peter Tork, and members of Jethro Tull & Fairport Convention. But above all, he is a very silly man indeed.


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