The Pegasus Awards

The Alien Jellyfish Song

Chris Conway

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2022 Best Song That Tells A Story mp3
2018 Best Roadtrip Song
2013 Best Alien Song  

The Alien Jellyfish Song

Music & Lyrics ©2002 Chris Conway
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

I land my ship in the middle of the night
I open up the hatches and I get my first sight of this town
I'm excited as I'm walking down the street
I walk into a bar and you're the first one I meet

I get a job behind the piano, you work behind the bar
I have to admit my gaze doesn't shift far from you
And sometimes you look back at me
And I'm just about as happy as a piano player can be

And I feel the world turning
Around and around
I can see the stars fly
Around and around
And the lessons I'm learning turn
Around and around
My head is floating in the sky
In the sky...

I buy you a drink at the end of the night
I don't know if I'm doing wrong or if I'm doing alright
You say after work you're gonna come back to mine
Well I warn you the journey takes a long long time

So we're flying in my starship away from the Earth
Every second takes you further from the planet of your birth
I say "Do you want to turn back, there's still plenty of time?"
And you say "Nothing on Earth is going to change my mind"


Well back on home planet I say I haven't been straight cos
This is not my body, this is not my shape
I turn back into an jellyfish suspended off the floor and you say
"Hey baby that just turns me on some more"

Then you start laughing and say I wont believe
And you turn into the cutest jellyfish I've ever seen
You say you've been stranded on Earth for ten years alone and you say
"I've got to thank you for taking me home"




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