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2023 Best Writer/Composer mp3
2021 Best Writer/Composer
2020 Best Writer/Composer  

John G. McDaid is an sf writer and folk/filk singer-songwriter from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Over his 40 years of performing, he's played his geek-inflected songs at political events, science fiction conventions- including the 2019 Dublin Worldcon- and folk venues from Boston to NYC's Speakeasy and Folk City. His songwriting has earned recognition, including prizes at FilKONtario, NEWhere, and the Ohio Valley Filk Fest. In 2020, he took first place at the Common Fence Music Community Hoot.

You can find his music at


Representative Work for the 2023 Pegasus Awards

Saints and Poets (The World We Left Behind) (mp3)

Words and Music: Copyright ©2023 by John McDaid ASCAP
All Rights Reserved
Recording Vocalist: Leighanne Saltsman
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

From the nowhere to the here
From the distant to the near
Through that moment when things shift
And you're suddenly adrift
In a place you've never seen before
Where nothing matters anymore

The saints and poets tried in vain
They were helpless to explain
All the lost you'll never find
From the world we left behind

Haunted memories no one shares
From a different then and there
You are suddenly alone
Past and future blank unknowns
Left to wonder at it all
From here that world just seems so small


We the dead are lost and found Now you walk familiar streets
Try in vain to stand our ground Empty hands and empty seats
No illusions, no escape Grief for all that's disappeared
Taking on this different shape Left with only what you feared
And the memories start to fade You hear the whistle of that train
Of the world where we were made And wonder if there's some way back again



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