The Pegasus Awards

Matt Leger



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
2004 Best Tribute A Simple Country Doctor

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2001 Best Filk Song A Simple Country Doctor
2001 Best Writer/Composer  
2000 Best Filk Song A Simple Country Doctor

MATT G. LEGER is, at 23 years and counting, filk's longest-taking "overnight" success story. A struggling graphic designer by day, he copes with the mundanity of everyday life and his own unfortunate attention-deficit disorder by writing songs, alternately funny (he hopes) and serious (the sad outcome of early exposure to the oeuvres of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and Percy Faith). When not performing at conventions both large (at least three Worldcons to date) and small (almost every filk con in the eastern half of the US), he is busy gobbling antidepressants and writing such hits as The Singer's Secret, Evil Is A Four-Letter Word, Too (AKA the notorious "Evil Overlord" song) and Agent of the MIB.

Matt has been previously nominated twice for Pegasus Awards for his tribute to the late DeForest Kelley and his most famous character, A Simple Country Doctor, and once for Best Composer. He has also served in a great many areas of convention staffing and helped run and/or organize local SF/fantasy clubs in several jurisdictions (a few warrants are still outstanding, so he declines to say which ones). He is also the proud author of three booklets of his work, Demented, Deranged & Degenerate Filksongs, which are now collector's items worth easily three times their original cover price of $1.00 each.

A native of Louisiana's Cajun country, Matt currently lives in Atlanta with his domestic partner of three years, Mary Mulholland, a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) staff, and three cats, Ari, Lilith and Rosita. He is desperate to accomplish three things before he dies: finally get a CD of his music produced and released; get all his original tunes notated so he can publish a songbook of his entire catalogue; and teach Ari to stop invading his closet once and for all (cat fur is damned hard to get off of clothing!).


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