The Pegasus Awards

A Simple Country Doctor

Matt Leger

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2004 Best Tribute

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2000 Best Filk Song
2001 Best Filk Song

"Dedicated, with the greatest love and respect, to the memory of DeForest Kelley (1920-1999)"- Matt Leger

Matt Leger (pronounced 'Leh-jhay') can be reached at

A Simple Country Doctor

Music and lyrics copyright ©1999 by Matt G. Leger- All rights reserved
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

Between the head and hands, it's said, must always lie the heart;
Without it each is sadly lost, forever kept apart.
One man a starship's guiding hand, the other its cool brain,
And you the one who made the link complete between the twain.

You walked with stars beneath your feet, and showed them Terra's pride;
With legends of the galaxy you managed to keep stride.
You gave to cold technology a kindly human face
Just a simple country doctor...who worked in outer space.

When time was short and hope was small, you always found a way;
We really did believe that you could cure a rainy day.
You blazed a trail of miracles across the starry depths
For others who would follow on in your amazing steps.

On ev'ry ship named Enterprise, your spirit still was there;
Your wisdom taught a callow youth named Julian to care,
And even holographic medics learn from ev'ry case
Of a simple country doctor who worked in outer space.

Yes, he was only printed words and ghosts on celluloid,
But out of them grew magic that can never be destroyed.
He showed us what a hero was, and what a man could be,
And proved that e'en the closest friends can dare to disagree.

So drink a toast to "Bones," my friends, and those who gave him life,
The writers and directors, too; the Great Bird and his wife;
And the quiet, gentle actor who lent Southern charm and grace
To a simple country doctor who worked in outer space.

You were the best of all the guests, not once a cause for strife;
We only knew you in one role, but loved you in real life.
You showed us all unfailing warmth, and shared with us your joy
And didn't mind when we went overboard for old "McCoy."

And now the day we knew would come has gotten here at last,
And as we sorrow that you're gone, we celebrate your past.
I pray that where you are, you know the value of your place
As a simple country doctor who worked in outer space.

I pray that where you are, you know that it was not a waste
To play a simple country doctor who worked in outer space.

Permission to perform, reproduce and distribute for nonprofit use freely granted as long as this credit is maintained and dedication remains unchanged. Use for profit requires prior permission in writing and payment of royalties per ASCAP/BMI standards


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