The Pegasus Awards

Naomi Pardue



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2019 Best Family Song My Thousand Closest Friends
1994 Best Filk Song My Thousand Closest Friends
1991 Best Filk Song My Thousand Closest Friends
1991 Best Writer/Composer  
1990 Best Fannish Song My Thousand Closest Friends

When I was a wee thing, everyone told me I couldn't sing. And I believed them. I couldn't sing. Through several years of school choirs and two years of voice class in high school— I believed that couldn't sing.

But I loved science fiction, and I loved music and I wrote.

Fandom began at 18. (Back in the Jurassic period, I think.) Wandered into my first filk about 10 months later, in early 1980. Wrote my first filk a few months later. Tried singing for a small group at the tail end of a filk when most had gone to bed at Windycon 1980. Two months later, at Confusion '81, I performed. ("Irwin Allen." It was short. Hopefully nobody would have time to flee the room.) And people laughed. Not at my singing, but at my song.

And from there - well - it's been almost 40 years and I'm still at it. For reasons of life (the universe and everything) I write and sing much less than I used to, but when I can, I do. And filk is still My Community.

(Oh, and for those who think they can't sing, I can confirm that confidence is a great vocal stimulator. Listening to tapes of myself from 1980 and from 10-20 years later, I can sing.)


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