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My Thousand Closest Friends

Naomi Pardue

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2019 Best Family Song
1994 Best Filk Song  
1991 Best Filk Song  
1990 Best Fannish Song  

My Thousand Closest Friends

Words and Music: Copyright ©Naomi Pardue- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

When the world becomes too much for me and I'm tired to the bone,
All evening I long for the office rush, all day I ache for home.
When income equals outgo and there's three more bills to pay
When I feel like I've just wasted another long and hectic day.

When 8 a.m. 'til 5 seems like much more than just 9 hours
When I get so busy pulling weeds I cannot see the flowers
When even making music can't soothe my frazzled brain
And the sound of my own singing can't block out the driving rain.

When I cannot bear the same routine without a loss of mind
I look forward to the Fridays when I'll leave it all behind.
I'll pack my car and go to where my tired heart can mend,
And spend another weekend with my thousand closest friends.

In a circle of music the world goes away
I forget the pressing problems that fill my other days.
In a circle of laughter and loving embraces
No dark mood can last amid those bright and friendly faces.
In 48 hours I learn to smile again
When I'm surrounded by my thousand closest friends.

I know that there are people who'd think that this is odd
They take their comfort other ways, from liquor or from God.
Now sometimes prayer can calm me or a drink helps get me through
But nothing is so healing and the days I spend with you.

For two short days I know I can forget my mundane fears,
I know that there are people here who share my joys and tears.
I know if I am lonely that a hug's not far away
And I know that there is music at the end of every day.

I will confess quite freely, I don't know all your names
But from old friends or from new ones the feeling's much the same.
By Sunday tired but happy I can face the world again,
After spending such a weekend with my thousand closest friends.


. . . and I thank God for my thousand closest friends.


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