The Pegasus Awards

Terence Chua IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2003 Best Writer/Composer  
2003 Best Parody Do You Hear The Pipes, Cthulhu?
2002 Best Writer/Composer  
2001 Best Writer/Composer  
2001 Best Creature Song Wendigoes

Terence Chua is a longtime SF fan and relatively new filker. He was introduced to the filking scene at WorldCon '99, gaining notoriety for his ABBA-based Cthulhu filk. Terence has since moved on from that genre, gaining embarrassing amounts of praise for his writing, but like any good monster, calls for it will continue to haunt him through a thousand filk cons, screaming. His first commercially-released CD, "Fanboy Soul", is slated for release later this year from Bedlam House. He lives and works in Singapore.

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