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Do You Hear The Pipes, Cthulhu?

Terence Chua

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category mp3
2003 Best Parody

Do You Hear the Pipes, Cthulhu?

Lyrics 1999 by Terence Chua
(to the tune of "Fernando" by ABBA)
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Do you hear the pipes, Cthulhu?
They were being played by shoggoths on the shores of Carcosa
Can you hear our prayers, Cthulhu?
Deep in sunken R'lyeh waiting for the rightness of a star?
Where the Deep Ones worship Dagon, Mother Hydra in sea chambers built afar?

    There was chanting in the air that night
    The stars were right, Cthulhu!
    You were dreaming of your destiny
    Beneath the sea, Cthulhu!
    Though the Elder Gods have cast you down
    Have no regret
    As the Al-Azif has prophesized, R'lyeh will rise, Cthulhu!

We are waiting O Cthulhu
Sacrificing virgins while the nightgaunts hover 'gainst the moon
Seeking power O Cthulhu
Drawing sigils in their blood and Elder Signs and other runes
They were dying drenched in madness and the eldritch vapors of a thousand dooms

You are sleeping Great Cthulhu
Never knowing the unspeakable things we do in your name
But don't worry Great Cthulhu
We will carry on destroying without sanity or shame
Till the universe resounds with all the sounds of lost souls shrieking out in pain

As the Al-Azif has prophesized, R'lyeh will rise, Cthulhu!




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