The Pegasus Awards

Goodnight, Sarah Jane

Talis Kimberley

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2020 Best Media Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2018 Best Filk Song
2013 Best Filk Song

Goodnight, Sarah Jane

Words & Music written by and ©2011 by Talis Kimberley
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

I shall take my daughter out tonight
The Moon's past full but the sky's still bright
And we'll say: Goodnight, Sarah-Jane...
And I'll talk about the women we've been
I was an awkward girl, you were a star on-screen
For me... Goodnight, Sarah-Jane.

And you wouldn't stay quiet and hold your tongue
Nor stay where you were put
No token girl to be talked down to
Hanging round underfoot
And against all odds you came back, carrying
A series of your own
You inspired me when I was my daughter's age...
And again, as a woman grown

I shall hope that time's a gentle place
For a well-loved woman of charm and grace –
That's you. Goodnight Sarah-Jane...
You were smart and strong and you made us proud
And I'm crying now, but I'll say it aloud
Anyway – Goodnight Sarah-Jane... Goodnight Sarah-Jane...

With a blue box missing a few spare parts
We're carrying you, in all our hearts
Rest well. ... ...

So I shall take my daughter out tonight
Tell her of Cady Coleman's flight
And you – and say, Goodnight Sarah-Jane –

We'll both say: Goodnight Sarah-Jane

Goodnight, Sarah-Jane...




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