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Small Designs

Barry Childs-Helton

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Small Designs

Words and Music © Barry Childs-Helton
from "Paradox" by Barry and Sally Childs-Helton,
Space Opera House Records, 1989
All Rights Reserved- Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Small designs --
the artifice of spiderwebs on traffic signs,
or paper that I roughen with these pencil lines,
lost explorer's tracks through Arctic snow.

Small delights --
half-carafe of burgundy on weekday nights --
daydreams move like children flying bird-wing kites,
gentle threads that tie the earth and sky.

Mermaids with wings,
high above the sea they sing:
"Climb till you've won.
Just don't fly too near the sun."

I'll go to you
with this cloudy prism that I'm looking through,
and I will bring you something either good or true --
take these weathered branches from my eyes.

Come to me
before I lose the simple light that's let me see
a season full of shooting stars and reverie --
when it dims, I can give nothing more.

Impartial fools,
carpenters with welder's tools,
make magic gates --
places where the pilgrim waits.

I'll cross the sky
with words as sharp as truth and soft as any lie,
to cut the knot of sadness if it won't untie.
Go with me or stay here if you will.

Reach through the night
in flame and silver, where the stars are far and white,
to touch a world where death is not paid for delight --
watch its shadow fall from fragile hands.

I'd go in quest,
but it ill becomes a guest
to leave too soon,
even in this short cartoon
filled with . . .

small designs --
medieval manuscripts and tunes for chimes,
or wings you barely see erasing wintertime --
waiting for the changing wind of love.


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